Tenants, it is critical that you participate in the upkeep of your unit to help prevent damage during the winter months. A few useful reminders are listed here.

Patios & Balconies

Keep leaves and debris out of your drains. Make a channel in the snow leading to the drain to assist route the water to the drain when it snows.

Condensation and Windows

The capacity of indoor air to absorb moisture decreases when the outside temperature drops. Use your humidistat, exhaust fans, and/or open your windows to lessen the humidity in your unit.

Away on Vacation

During the winter, keep unoccupied units warm to prevent pipes from freezing and exploding.

Shut off the water to your toilets, hot water tank, washing machines, and dishwashers if you’re spending the winter somewhere else. Before you go, check your insurance coverage to see how often your unit needs to be examined while you’re gone. Keep in mind that you might be held financially liable for any damage to your unit or other units.

It’s critical that your emergency contact information is up to date, and that someone you trust, preferably a neighbour, has a key to your apartment.

Snow & Ice

Please report any slippery areas that need attention to your building manager.

Pest Control

Look in dark places like storage rooms, lockers, and the backs of cabinets. Any mouse droppings should be reported to your building manager right away.

Inspect Your Unit

Check your unit from top to bottom, inside and out, on a regular basis. Caulk and repair any gaps in ceramic tiles in your kitchen or bathrooms to prevent water from entering beneath the tiles and into the wall.

Look for water stains on the walls and ceilings, as well as wetness around the base of the outer walls. Please inform your building manager if you notice any of these signs.