These are the new names of the West End’s laneways

New West End street signs honours LGBTTQ+ leaders, Indigenous activists and political trailblazers. 

Eihu Lane 

  • Located between Alberni and Robson streets, runs from Burrard Street to west of Bute Street, and from Jervis to Chilco streets.
  • Named after Hawaiian settler Eihu, who was one of original settlers at Kanaka Ranch on the south shore of Coal Harbour near Stanley Park.

See-em-ia Lane

  • Located between Pendrell and Davie streets, and runs from Burrard to Denman streets.
  • Named after Mary See-em-ia, granddaughter of Chief Capilano and wife of Eihu.

Rosemary Brown Lane

  • Located between Robson and Haro streets, runs from Burrard Street to Lagoon Drive.
  • Rosemary Brown, 1930-2003, was the first black woman to be elected to a Canadian provincial legislature. She was also a professor of Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University and later appointed Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Stovod Lane

  • Located between Haro and Barclay streets, runs from Smithe to west of Cardero Street and from Denman Street to Lagoon Drive.
  • Kathleen (Kay) Stovold, 1911-2001, was an advocate for seniors and people with disabilities. She was the co-founder and president of the West End Seniors Network.

Ted Northe Lane

  • Located between Barclay and Nelson streets, and runs from Burrard Street to Stanley Park.
  • Named after Ted Northe, 1937-2014, who was an LGBT activist involved in organizing the first Pride Parade in Vancouver.

Jepson-Young Lane

  • Located between Comox and Pendrell streets, runs from Thurlow to Cardero streets, and from Bidwell Sreet to Stanley Park.
  • Named after Dr. Peter Jepson-Young, 1957-1992, a medical doctor in Vancouver who was diagnosed with AIDS and created the CBC TV series “Dr. Peter Diaries” and educated the public about HIV and AIDS.

Pantages Lane

  • Located between Davie and Burnaby streets and runs from Burrard to Denman streets.
  • Named after Peter Basil Pantages, 1901 -1971, the founder of the Polar Bear Club who served as its director for 51 years. He was also the proprietor of the Peter Pan Cafe.

Jung Lane

  • Located between Harwood Street and Beach Avenue and runs from Burrard to Cardero.
  • Named after Vivian Jung, 1924-2014, who was born in Merritt, B.C. She was the first Chinese-Canadian teacher hired by the Vancouver School Board. She also broke down racial barriers by being the first woman to use a swimming pool at a time when Chinese-Canadians had been barred from entering the pool if it was being used by white people.

Henshaw Lane 

  • Located between Nelson Street and Comox Street
  • Julia Henshaw was an accomplished writer and botanist who spent part of her life in the West End. She originally came to the Lower Mainland in 1890. She was a founding member of the Canadian Alpine Club, the Vancouver Musical Club and the Georgia Club, was involved with the Imperial Daughters of the Empire and Women’s Canadian Club, worked as a newspaper columnist and literary and theatre critic, and served in the First World War.

Maxine Lane

  • Located between Burnaby and Harwood
  • Maxine MacGilvray (ca 1892-1952) Originally from Wisconsin, ran hairdressing salon at Spencer’s Department Store from 1914, then established very successful salon and beauty school; products locally manufactured with help of chemist husband. Facade of Maxine’s Beauty School preserved at 1209 Bidwell (now a coffee shop).

The new temporary plaza at City Hall will also be named Gutteridge Plaza, after Helena Gutteridge, 1880-1960, the labour activist who was the founder of the B.C. Women’s Suffrage League.

You can see the City’s Reserve List of names here, to get a glimpse at approved names that might be used in the future.